Bus shelter, loudspeaker, laminated print, sticker, LED, solar collector, battery, 59 mp3 songs, Arduino, music shield, i2c display, circuit board
St.Open #3, co-work with Thomas Garvie

View on installation Theodor-Heuss-Park at Ebertplatz, Cologne


Theos Theos

Being transformed into an interactive jukebox, the bus shelter at the Theodor-Heuss-Ring is both an installation and an active stage. Passing pedestrians can select and play songs from a list by means of a wheel control which shows the track numbers on a lighted display.  Because there is no “Skip” function, each song is played to the end . The songs in Best of Theo’s Top 59 Vol.1 are a selection of favourite songs from citizens interviewed on the adjacent Ebertplatz and Theodor-Heuss-Park. Music communicates. The work offers a new space in a park that has been haunted by its reputation as a malodorous duck park, occupied by drug dealers, junkies, and prostitutes. Instead, a nexus of reciprocity, dance, and time has evolved. The Cologne Ebertplatz is a main traffic junction close to the train station. The grounds of the Theodor-Heuss-Park were once an alternative harbour (1813), followed by a lavishly designed park (1881) which was largely destroyed  along with the bridges of Cologne (1945) and, in the consequent reconstruction in favour of public transport and traffic since 1970 gave up much of its size.

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