When Symbols Shatter, 2017

Three different embroidered patches, Bugatti coat fabric, Ø 17 cm


‘When Symbols Shatter’ are three embroidered logos on round patches which were taken from multiple realms of the pigeon scene and were modified and blackened, up to an unrecognizable condition. The template for the „But, what ends when“-Patch is the logo of the current Chinese glossy magazine „Pigeon Racing File“, which contains Chinese, Dutch and English articles about pigeon racing and is published monthly.
„The Symbols“ comprises of the logo of PIPA (Pigeon Paradise), a world known company with its headquarter in Belgium. PIPA engages in research, DNA tests, breeding, and is a international and successful commercial enterprise for years.
„Shatter?“ bears the logo of a pharma product, called ‘Zikade’, which is a Chinese company, run by people who were breeders themselves and were publishing a magazine about racing pigeons, which does not exist anymore nowadays.
The business with pigeons is shaped by ambivalent tendencies, visions and traces - from short-term success to lifelong engagement.

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