Remember How To Forget (in reference to Hans Bernhard Reichows `car-friendly town` and the `Greenbox`)/ bridging day, 2012

Dear Garage exhibition no.2
(wooden fence, photo wallpaper, ramps, carpet, rope)

The bridge which is constructed from a wooden fence, creates a passage from the outside to the back room. The garage itself is not accessible in a true sense, its more of a transit room. The passageway plays with forms of presentation and exhibition in for example Zoos or historical museums. For example a red roped barrier that guides you past a stuffed animal or a reproduction of a stone age scene. Furthermore, the installation reflects the expectations of the viewer that emerge when visiting an exhibition.
“Remember How To Forget(…)” is not a place to linger. You literally walk through the installation and end up outside or inside it, but hardly in it. The bridge is disproportionate to the space/ garage – it forms a narrow path, whilst the rest of the space is inaccessible. The construction is a reference to Hans Bernhard Reichow's “Autogerechte Stadt” (“car friendly town”), in which his urban planning foresees less space for pedestrians than for cars, where pedestrians have to use subterranean walkways or bridges. The garage transforms itself into a kind of stage situation, in which the visitor becomes the pedestrian and actor observing his own actions.
The green screen stays untouched, empty and open for everything.


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