Futterkrippenbert, 2012

Dear Garage exhibition no.3
(wood, PVC, foam rubber, billiard cue, mophead)
130 x 220 x 350 cm

The sculpture “Futterkrippenbert” resembles a cratch – it‘s horizontal lines however, have adjusted themselves (perspectively) to the tapered structure of the garage. The issue that is being addressed here by text and object is the transformation of space. So a gathering place has been erected. The members of the gathering are species that are rare or have been repressed. Futterkrippenbert in an urban area. The billiard cue has manifested itself in a parasitic and hygienic way, so to implement the direction of impact. The text to Futterkrippenbert uses references from lexical descriptions and journalistic texts:


futterkrippenbert futterkrippenbert futterkrippenbert futterkrippenbert futterkrippenbert/ text