The shadows in shade (and) you made (me), 2017

Two windows, sticker, rectangular steel tube 159,2 x 74,2 x 149 cm, 109,5 x 74,4 x 124,1 cm


Just next to the big display window of the show room, the work “The shadows in shade (and) you made (me)” is located. The stick-on motives on two windows, which are standing in their frames on the gallery floor, are fragments of pictures from advertising, magazines and catalogues about racing pigeons from 1980 until now (*1). Others are messages or pictures from the WeChat timeline of pigeon fanciers and their employees, who are frequently posting updates about races, victories, breeding and alike.
The divers shape and history of the racing pigeon is overlapping, which is presented in this art work by for example combining the signature of the painter Andrew Beer (1862-1954) (*2), who, being a racing pigeons enthusiast, portrayed special pigeons in life size oil paintings, with advertising ads and slogans of pharmaceutical products for racing pigeons. Genetic research and technology crossed with architecture, landscape and theory. The image „Seeking Wisdom - From Darwin to Munger“ is from a post on WeChat by Xing Wei’s assistant (famous for its Kaier Pigeon loft). The quote: „A man who has committed a mistake and doesn‘t correct it, is committing another mistake.“ is a wisdom from a book starting with these words by Confucius. The pigeons market evolved worldwide, but especially in China to a very special and self-sufficient world. This melting pot unites economical, industrial, social and cultural interest, in order to breed the best pigeons to achieve the most victories. Internationally, there are successful breeders of all kinds, private dovecotes or giant, fully organized pigeon lofts with professional trainers and breeding or feeding systems.

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*1) titels of magazines translated from Chinese and Taiwanese into English: „Sound of the Pigeon“, 1980; „Pigeon Racing file“, 2017; „Ace-Pigeon Magazine“, 1985; „Top Collections International“, various editions.


(*2) Andrew Beer (b. 1894), Young aristocrat (+Triumph; 2 works), „Triumph“ a racing pigeon, „Young Artistocrat“ a racing pigeon, signed‚ Andrew Beer‘ (lower right and left respectively) and both with inscriptions relating to their record flights, oil on canvas, a pair:30.5 x 40.6 cm,, (Andrew Beer can be found in the Collection of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Pontypridd Museum and the Radstock, Midsomer Norton & District Museum Society)