shelf-made, 2012

Dear Garage exhibition no.1
(bulky waste, water pumps, hose,
silicon, heaps of earth, holes in the ground)

“shelf-made” is an installation of shelves and shelf parts. They are arranged in such a way, that water is able to flow down its construction as an unbroken stream. Holes are dug out of the ground which are filled with water, pumps are installed to insure the continuous watercourse. These pools constitute the source, so to speak. Two transparent hoses carry the water in two different axis directions of the garage. From these points the water is directed over the shelves back to the pool, so that the cycle can start over. Disused water pools, reservoirs as it were, form miniature lakes, as part of the landscape. Hyper-real sounds of flowing, dripping and rushing water combine into an orchestral landscape. A stream of water that is inconsistent in its flow through pressure and water loss and a material (wood), that if exposed to water for a certain period of time - an IKEA shelf will start to buckle after approx. 20 hours - will bloat, soften and eventually break.


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