sign signed signed, 2017

Arbeitskittel, Stickerei, Bügel, 116,5 x 55 cm


Die Arbeit sign signed signed, ein aus den 70ern stammender blauer Mantel mit eingestickter Signatur Boltons, greift das Titelbild der Ausstellung Aware of Another auf. Das Foto ist ein Foto vom Foto.
Es zeigt einen chinesischen und einen belgischen Taubenzüchter in den 70er Jahren. Diese Zeit wurde ganz besonders durch Anthony Bolton`s (*6) Arbeiten geprägt, in der er bekannt wurde. Wie im unten angeführten Tribute beschrieben, findet man sein Werk in etlichen Zeitschriften, Privaträumen und und in den Erinnerungen der Züchter, Kenner und Liebhaber seiner Zeit.


Keith Mott pays tribute to Anthony Bolton – the ‘Master’:
„It was very sad hearing about the passing of Anthony Bolton on 26th February 2011. It is my opinion that the great Anthony Bolton was the pioneer of good quality pigeon photography and was the greatest pigeon photographer ever! Tony was a perfectionist and it came through in his wonderful pigeon portraits, which now hang on many thousands of pigeon fanciers‘ living room walls throughout Europe. (...) He inspired me to take up pigeon photography, but compared the ‘Master’s’ work, mine were rubbish and never came close to his perfection! I could not begin to imagine how many times his perspex pigeon photography box, with the turn table floor, has been copied by would be photographers through the years and the patience he must have had to produce those wonderful stances on his subjects. I had been into photographing pigeons for many years, mostly to enhance my own articles in the fancy press, but in the 1980s when I wanted a colour portrait of my thirteen times winner Champion ‘Kenny’, I took him over to Barnes for Tony to photograph. Tony was so pleased with the finished photo of the old grizzle cock, he featured it on his stand at the BHW Blackpool Show the following January. (...) In Tony’s day he never had the luxury of the use of a computer to do his pictures; he used film and touched up his wonderful work by hand!( ...) There are many excellent pigeon photographers in the sport today, but Anthony Bolton was the ‘Master’ of them all.


animalspirit(*6) Anthony Bolton (b. 1894)