untitled (economic wonder), 2012

Dear Garage exhibition no.4
(iron sheet garage, wood palettes,
iron-barred box, wood)
280 x 350 x 530 cm

In our imagination the garage has always stood in courtyards. Sometimes standing alone, in a row, attached to houses or arranged in settlements. Garages integrate themselves autonomously into the city landscape but take up a lot of space at the same time.
The garage stands on a plinth of iron-barred boxes on the Mülheimer Festplatz and serves as a lookout point. A window has been cut out of the back wall, out of which you can see the river Rhine and the opposite shore. Placing the garage on this public site emphasises the passive use of space in a finite city area. This “Festplatz” (fairground) is host for occasional Fairs, car-boot sales and flea markets. In a sense the garage is just another attraction in this row of public events. All it shows is its bare and fragile shell. As a free-standing form on this site, the garage confronts the space with its presence – its presence is not to be over seen.
The garage evokes images of a Bunker, a construction site, a cage, a cell, an allotment or a lookout point. The framed view focusses the eye on nature, light and duration. At the same time, the garage shields itself from its surroundings and isolates itself from the public space.
The DEAR GARAGE PROPERTY information board describes the isolation and immobilisation effects.


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